Web Design Services



I hope I'm not stepping on any toes by doing this, so please let me know if I am. I don't want to come off as a pushy salesman. I'm just offering some help.

I'm an applications developer with a major consumer corporation in Pittsburgh. I also do web design as a side business with a few colleagues. For those of you here that might be interested, I'd be willing to give some substantial discounts on web design. We're trying to build a portfolio of newer clients right now, so I can really cut our prices (I could even offer some free services for the right business).

If anyone is interested in a personal site for their reptile hobby, a new sales site for breeders, or even a redesign of your current breeding sales site, talk to me and I'll see what we can do.

You can check out my business at www.paz-engineering.com. I have a few sample clients on there, but we have many more with much more sophisticated designs that just aren't listed on there yet. I can set you up with everything from design to hosting.

Again, I'm not sure if this violates any policies here. I'm not really trying to get any business for profit here. I'm just looking for a few portfolio projects for our business while I'm here learning how to care for my new leo. :main_thumbsup: