What permit or license do i need to sell geckos and reptile supplies in ca


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I am starting a gecko business and i need help with what permit or license i need to sell crested geckos and reptile supplies in ca ( online ) ; Also if you happen to know a crested gecko breeder pls send me a pm.

thank you so much for the help :)


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I recommend you check out reptile shows near you in CA and contact the person who runs the show to find out about selling requirements. There will be different requirements for selling at a show vs. selling privately from your home. You can also see what vendors attend the show and look at their websites to see which are crested gecko breeders.



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You’ll want to make an appointment with your accountant. I’ll just give an example of mine since I’m in California also but each city and county are different and each district can possibly have restrictions or ordinances for or against Reptile keeping, breeding and/or sales. I file as a hobby business without a business license since I make less than a livable wage. I have a sellers permit that renews annually in the summer so I pay taxes for calendar years on my income and annually in the summer I pay my dues for the sales tax. I’m in the county so I pay 8.5% sales tax on all animals and supplies. If you are starting a business then only buy supplies from within your state. California requires you to pay sales tax on purchases even if you already paid tax to another state. I have liability insurance to cover equipment Incase of fire or theft. A lot of things like a business bank account and LLC aren’t necessary until you’re making much more money, your accountant will tell you when you’re paying too much. You also have to pay 35% income tax on top of the sales tax. It gets pretty crazy but just keep good records and hold onto every receipt for nine years (in California) and you’ll get the hang of it. When you sell at shows you can just call the number on your sellers permit and add the show’s address to your account. They don’t make you have multiples anymore so it’s super easy now.