Which Gecko should I get?


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I am someone who like to research an animal like crazy before I jump in. I love building tropical vivariums for the plants. I currently collect orchids and bromeliads and other such plants but I would love to house a gecko in my largest vivarium, 40" tall. My gecko would need to be a species that 1) can handle being misted heavily by mistking nozzles once every morning and fogged once every evening with high humidity. 2) Does not need fruit flies. I just hate fruit flies but I am not opposed to bugs. 3) Would not be too heavy for my plants and trample and break them. 4) Has a regrowable tail. 5) Can handle my hot harsh lights. A t5HO 36" with 8 bulbs, all are currently at a plant loving kelvin spectrum but I could swap them out with UBVs if I must. My first searches have lead me to four options: dwarf williamsi, peacock day geckos, or pemba island day geckos, or lastly ornate day geckos. Which of the day geckos is the largest and which stay smaller? Which gecko would be the best fit for a bromeliad, branch heavy vivarium?


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Welcome to GF! If the enclosure is 40" tall, consider a giant day gecko. They need the UVB, but they can also be maintained with vitamin D3. They are big and colorful enough to be a nice addition to a heavily planted viv and you'd still be able to see them due to their size. Get one, since there's no guarantee that more than one won't fight.