Who's gonna be at the Reptile Super Show in San Diego on Jun 18-19?

neubauer geckos

Anthony Neubauer
I'll be attending on the Sunday of the show as I'm starting driver's ed. that Saturday(Can't wait!!!).Who all is going?And who will be vending?I'm super excited!I plan to get a few more Fat Tail Scorpions(Androctonus sp. and Parabuthus transvaalicus for those who are into scorps),but will be looking for a nice female to be paired to my male Tangerine.I'm gonna get either a creamsicle,another nice tangerine(preferably with high carrot tail),or just a clean Mack Snow that will found a creamsicle project.What is everyone else planning on picking up?Anything exciting?Anyways,had to post in anticipation!!!!