Wisteria Vines


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Atlanta, GA
I'm currently working on a 30 gallon hex aquarium conversion for my Gargoyle Gecko, and I've come across a wealth of beautiful, twisted wisteria vines growing in the woods behind my workplace.
Beautiful pieces. I didn't quite know what they were when I cut them (other than to know they were definitely not poison ivy. those are hairy vines). After research I'm fairly certain they are American Wisteria (Wisteria frutescens). Unfortunately, Wisteria is on many unsafe for reptiles plant lists. Most lists just say "Wisteria", and nothing more, but many lists specifically say it is the Foliage, Seeds, and Pods which are toxic. Nothing of the vines themselves.
So, my questions is this, if I were to wash, scrub, bake, and then seal (with something like a food safe salad bowl finish for example), could I safely use these in a tank for my Gargoyle Gecko?