Won´t mate


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Hi, I have a 4/5 year female gargoyle and recently bought a 1,5 year old male. The have been living together since 19/02, it's been more than a month
there has been no bitting - exept one time in the first few days where I woke up (I have the terrarium in my bedroom) because the male bit the female in the face and got a piece of skin stuck in his tooth, as both were trying to pull apart, every time they tried, the female made sadest moan/sound I ever eard, so I helped them out - so far no lost tails or marks what so ever.

they eat and poop, the male was a little bit over 30g (the minimum according to repashy's book)and has been gaing weight and female always keeps around 65g.

But I'm worried that I have not seen any eggs.. according to the book they should tear each other apart in the beggining and lay eggs after a few days... But I don´t have the first (thank god) or the second..

Any ideias?