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We have some great Manzanita wood available, straight from the heart of California.

Manzanita wood is one of the most rare, most beautiful naturalistic woods in the fauna industry. There are 106 species of manzanita, 95 of which are only found in our sweet California. Manzanita is extremely strong, safe for all pets, resists mold, and it is useable in all pet set-ups, from aquariums to desert environments. The unique branchy appearance, combined with the stunning colors of deep red wine and bone white make an absolutely beautiful centerpiece for your animals. It is ideal for mammals, geckos, snakes, all lizards, chameleons, amphibians, macaws and other feathered friends... the list goes on! We use Yosemite Red Manzanita in all of our display enclosures.

Yosemite Red in particular is very special. All of our manzanita is carefully, sustainably harvested from private mountainous land near the great Yosemite National Park, far away from pesticides or other contaminates. We do not remove all of the beautiful red bark by sandblasting, and instead spend extra effort cleaning and detailing each piece by hand. The wood is so beautiful that it can even be used as home/wedding décor! The applications are so numerous, it is obvious why we love our Yosemite Red... We are sure you will too.

  • Small Yosemite Red - 6" to 10" : $13.50
  • Medium Yosemite Red - 10" to 15" : $17.50
  • Large Yosemite Red - 15" to 22" : $23.50

More sizes available, topping out at a massive 64 inches! Contact us for info.

To place an order, send us an email at [email protected] Or use our secure order form, Order Yosemite Red™


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