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    Id morph plz

    I would call it a hypo, meaning that there are not many spots on the body (usually it's 10 spots or less, so it's a little marginal). Aliza
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    Help (is she healthy?)

    Give her a month and post another picture of her. Aliza
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    New gecko's morph, red eyes

    Does it have solid red eyes? If so, it appears to be a Mack Snow (beige instead of yellow) albino (beige instead of black) eclipse (solid eyes, red in the case of an albino). There's no way to tell which albino strain it is. Did you get it from a breeder and didn't they tell you what they...
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    Help (is she healthy?)

    She looks OK to me, maybe a tiny bit skinny in the tail. Hopefully you have for her: under tank heat with thermostat to keep heat on the hot side in the low 90's; calcium and vitamin D3 to dust the feeders with weekly; a 20 tank minimum size. Aliza
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    Crested gecko Help (not eating)

    It's a complicated issue. I have at least 1 crested gecko that I have never seen eat anything, but I've had him for 7 years. It's possible that they are eating and also that it may take them awhile to figure it all out. Give them more time. If they aren't eating, they can go without eating for...
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    Hello - I have a Leo

    Congrats on your new gecko. I'm glad she's already eating and giving you pleasure. I have no opinion on how far you should go with your leo fascination, but remember that tattoos are forever (and if they're not forever, it sounds kind of painful and annoying to get rid of them). Aliza
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    Bell tangerines

    If they're all bell albinos, why do they have black markings on their tails, or are the colors off? Aliza
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    Why is my gecko doing this threatening gesture?

    That slow tail waving means "what are you doing in my territory?!" It's probably wise to minimize how much you have to be in there, but when you do, you do and the gecko is just going to have to tolerate it. Some geckos don't mind being handled and others just hate it. I don't think it's a...
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    Question about wood

    If you do get wood from outside, bake it in your oven at about 350 for awhile. That should take care of the critters. Aliza
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    Overweight Leo? Please help!

    I really don't worry that much about overweight leos. Some of my leos seem to have that body type: wide head, fat tail, chunky body. One of my leos look like that and eats very little. I don't think there's anything to worry about. Aliza
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    JoeM of Canada

    Sometimes there is a red-looking vein in albino eyes. Albinos who have the eclipse trait, where the eye is a solid color, have solid red eyes. It's pretty cool looking though in some of them the eye still looks black and you have to shine a light behind them to see the red. Aliza
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    What morph is my leopard gecko?

    I would call her a "high yellow". That means that she's essentially a "normal" or "wild type" gecko, but there's less black spotting, so the yellow really shows up. Aliza
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    Bell tangerines

    Very nice! Very orange! What's the significance of the "bell" part? It does make a person think of Bell albinos so it's a little confusing. Aliza
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    What morph is my leopard gecko?

    I would call her a super hypo (no body spots), tangerine (orange coloring) carrot tail (orange tail). Aliza
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    JoeM of Canada

    Welcome! She is an albino because she's brown and white and not black and white. There really is no way to know which albino strain she is. The Rainwater/Las Vegas is the least common and tends to be more pastel so you could potentially eliminate that. It could be either of the other two. Aliza