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    First Leopard gecko, What type is he?

    The pictures are really blurry. Are you sure it's an albino? where did you get it from? Is it completely white? Are the eyes black, red, or greenish with a black pupil? That would help me figure it out better. Aliza
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    2 New Baby Bold Stripe Leos

    Nice looking geckos! Yes, you can consider both of them stripes since both the body and the tail on each has broken bands. Aliza
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    GUIDANCE NEEDED juvenile albino leopard gecko

    I think all the heat lamps and CHE in a 10 gallon tank is going to make the air too hot and dry and dehydrate the gecko. I recommend going with an under tank heater with a thermostat and getting rid of all the other heat sources. A 20 gallon long in the future is a good idea. It''s hard for...
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    Breeding total galaxy

    As far as I know it's safe and yes, you'd get 100% total eclipse. Aliza
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    Micro Geckos/tripoli geckos help please

    We'd love to see pictures when they get into their new home! Aliza
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    Shed or something else?

    That's great. She still has shed on her toes in the picture, though. Aliza
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    Tiny Leopard gecko won't fatten up.

    It would be great if you could post a picture of this gecko. Aliza
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    Gecko not eating

    Cool down the hot side a bit, especially if you see that they aren't spending time there. I do think the idea of separating them and seeing how she does by herself is a good one. In general, new geckos should be quarantined from the one(s) you already have for at least a month to insure that...
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    Leopard Geckos: should I hatch males or females? Or both?

    When I was breeding, I incubated at 82 to get females and got about 95% females. My reasoning was that if someone wanted to buy a pair of juveniles that weren't definitively sexed, they'd be most likely to get 2 females. One season I incubated at 84 to get a mix. I spent the whole season...
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    Micro Geckos/tripoli geckos help please

    Here's how to seal the extoterra: --get clear packing tape. Put layers of it between each door and the side it buts up against to make that gap smaller --For the next part I use Nashua tape (like aluminum foil with adhesive) but you can also use clear packing tape: Go around the top of the...
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    Kink in the tail?

    It sure is lucky that tail straightening is easier than hair straightening! Aliza
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    Why do my geckos keep dying??

    In that case, I don't have a clue! Aliza
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    Help breeding leopard geckos

    You would have to tell your vet that you want to test for crypto. With just one leopard gecko (or a small number, since you should now test all of them), they may want to have you bring them in and they'll do it themselves. I had about 70 geckos at the time and after bringing some of them in...
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    why wont he go in cold hide?

    I find that many of my geckos develop a fondness for a particular location and will stay there for a long time. Sometimes after awhile they pick a different favorite place. I think it's just your gecko being gecko! Aliza
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    Could somebody tell what it is(burp, cough, vomit)?

    Based on what you say, it seems that the parasites have been treated and the treatment is complete? I honestly have no idea. One thing to try (and this is just brainstorming, not really a considered plan) would be to feed 2-3 crickets every 3 days (I feed my leopard geckos twice a week)...