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    One geat day

    Glad things are working out for you and her. Aliza
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    Baby gecko walk wobbly

    It may be something that will clear up once it gets adjusted to being outside of the egg. I found with my hatchlings that a few of them needed more calcium and D3 than they were getting with dusted feeders and were starting to show signs of MBD. I put a jar lid of calcium in their cages and...
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    Photos Of Thomasin! (:

    Cute gecko (and hair)! Aliza
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    Need help with large enclosure group setup

    If you get a leachie and it's a hatchling or young juvenile, start it out in a small enclosure. I've had a leachie for more than 10 years now. She was one 7 grams when I got her and until she reached about 35 grams I had her in a 6qt (shoebox size) tub. Aliza
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    New day gecko concerns

    Glad things are improving. I often don't see signs that my day geckos (I have 2) or crested/gargoyle/leachie geckos are eating their CGD or crickets, sometimes for weeks. Everyone is healthy, though. Aliza
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    Thinking of adding to the lizard family.

    My beardie is directly above a gecko cage and right next to a whole bunch more. No problem. Go for it! Aliza
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    New gecko grandma. Lots of questions!

    Welcome! Bailey looks pretty good, actually. Consider these changes: --get rid of the lights. The lights in the room are enough because she's going to be asleep most of the day anyway. --make sure your under tank heater (which I hope you have) has a thermostat attached to keep the floor in the...
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    Welcome to!

    Welcome! Post some pictures if you haven't already. Aliza
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    Hi, new to this forum!

    Welcome! I responded on your other thread. Aliza
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    Need help with large enclosure group setup

    Some people prefer not to keep their New Caledonian geckos together. Currently I have an enclosure with 2 female gargoyles, two enclosures with 3 female gargoyles and a larger enclosure with 4 females crested geckos (mother and 3 adult offspring). The only problem I've had is that every now...
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    Crested gecko upgrade

    Check out Sphaerodactylus geckos ( They are micro sized geckos (2-3" max as adults) and very fun to watch. Aliza
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    New Leopard Gecko Morphs?

    He's a nice super hypo tangerine. Not enough orange on the tail to be a carrot tail. Enjoy him. He'll recover. Aliza
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    poop and tail

    Some geckos just seem to like to poop on their owners! You're not doing anything wrong. There isn't anything you can do at this point about the tail. It may have been due to stuck shed or it may have gotten caught somewhere. It's likely that it will get drier and then it will come off but...
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    Why does she do this?

    Is that the water bowl or the food bowl? It could be because she likes the shape and the feel. If it's the water bowl and you have lights or Ceramic Heat Emitter as well as an under tank heater she may be too hot. Aliza
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    Male or female

    It's too blurry to tell. Aliza