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    Clean up crew-mealworms

    In general I think it's a fine idea. Just a few things to be aware of: At one point I was breeding super worms in one of my crested gecko cages. Superworm beetles are a lot bigger than mealworm beetles. The beetles chewed up the styrofoam background and when I had a lot of super worm beetles...
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    Welcome to!

    Nice looking gecko! Aliza
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    Hello, My name is Joe and I'm a reptileholic.

    Looking forward to hearing about your growing reptile collection as time goes by. Aliza
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    My 75 Gallon Leopard Gecko Habitat

    It's not unusual for juvenile leopard geckos to hide a lot. Also, some geckos just don't like to be "out". It's hard to tell what plants you have in there, but some of them look as if they belong in a more humid environment. I guess you'll find out soon which ones need it wetter. Aliza
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    New leopard geko owner.

    There's someone on the forum here that breeds enigmas and feel that they have been able to largely breed out the problems. Even if yours develops a problem, it can be managed. It may require hand feeding, but it can have a good quality of life. Aliza
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    Crested gecko pics

    They have such great facial expressions! Aliza
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    i paid for a membership

    Despite what I wrote in your other post, if you're still getting ads, send a PM to Josh. I don't think he regularly reads all the posts so he may not see your other post. Aliza
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    New Crested gecko owner here

    I find that cresties grow at such different rates that I don't think anyone will be able to determine the age. If it's a male, when the hemipenes pop out, you will be in no doubt. Aliza
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    New leopard geko owner.

    I'm surprised it's an albino because it looks as if some of the markings are black (maybe they're really brown and I can't tell from the picture). If it has solid red eyes, it's also an eclipse. I agree that it seems to be an enigma. There is no way to know which strain of albino unless the...
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    Bad ads

    Everyone is getting these ads. The site owner has decided to put ads on the site and unfortunately there's no way to get rid of them. Just close them and try to ignore them. That's what I do. Aliza
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    how much light does my gecko need

    In my opinion your gecko needs enough light to know when it's daytime and when it's night time. I don't use lights for any of my leopard gecko cages. They are in the living room and dining room and there are lots of windows Aliza
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    Leopard gecko turning gray, but not shedding

    It may just be a long intro to shedding. What are the temps in the part of the new tank where she hangs out? Sometimes if she's in a low temp area her colors could temporarily get duller. Aliza
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    Egg turned pinky-orange overnight

    I've never seen one turn that color either, but it looks as if it's not a good egg. Sometimes even proven geckos may lay the first few clutches of the season and have them be infertile. Aliza
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    Leopard gecko adjusting to new enclosure? Not eating?

    It's normal for it to take her awhile to adjust. Make sure the mealworm dish is near her warm hide so she can find it easily. Don't worry about a 3 gram weight difference; it's probably normal fluctuation. Aliza
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    Marble Eyes?

    They look pretty much like normal eyes to me. If you got it from a big chain pet store, I can guarantee it's not marble eye. The only way I think it could be is if you got it from a breeder who told you it was marble eye. Here's an article that Gecko Time did about Marble eye leopard geckos...