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I have a leopard gecko that is overweight. I need to put her on a diet. I was wondering if I should just not feed her, if I should feed her less than what than what I have been feeding her before I noticed, or feed her something entirely different. I have been feeding her 2 to 3 superstorms every other night. What should I do.
Griff's Geckos
Griff's Geckos
I have been told the they have a good amount of protein and that they are better than mealworms. I will try not feeding my geckos as much. thanks for the help.
No worries! I could be off - I heard the same thing and then saw a chart that listed it as high in fat! I’m still using them as a regular feeder but a little less than I was. I think they are healthy! Good luck!!
Griff's Geckos
Griff's Geckos
thanks so much for the help
I am going to attempt to start breeding leopard geckos. and need to how to get them to ovulate I read that you can shorten the day time and lower the temperature. but I'm not sure if I should attempt that or just wait until Jan. or Feb. will they start ovulating in Jan. or Feb. or do I need to do something special with them.
I just got a 1 and 1/2 year old male leopard gecko. I just noticed the other day that he keeps going under the reptile carpet I have for him and acting like he's trying to dig(but of coarse he can't dig he's on the glass). I take him out from under the reptile carpet and put him in his hide but then when I come back to check on him he is back under the reptile carpet. What should I do.