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Hello everyone! I am a first time reptile owner and just rescued a beautiful leopard gecko. I have a few questions on how long I should keep her heating lamp and UV lamp on (she has a heat pad under one of her hiding places) and I am just wondering how to give her the best care possible! If anyone has any tips for a first time gecko owner I would love to hear them! Thank you :)
I've tried my 3rd year of breeding my small Tremper Super Giant Leo colony, I have one 3-y.o S.G.Tremper Hi-Contrast Tangerine Banded Albino♂️ He's massive, Also S.G."Blood"♀️, Blood Banded ♀️a Hi-Contrast Sunglow Albino♀️, Blood Albino♀️ So the 1st year not so good Regroup learn some more, read more, last year ended up with 11 babies, So far this year still in progress
"Human Alien"
I have a 1.5 year old male leopard gecko. I have not been able to find any help for this. On Saturday morning he suddenly started scratching/pawing at the ground. he does this for minutes on end (5-20 at a time). When he does, he uses any or all of his limbs and just stares into space. He is capable of walking, I've seen him do it before and after these events. He continues to do it.
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