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    Hello! I have some questions about gecko shedding. I have two geckos; one is a juvenile and the other I would call an infant. I've had...
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    skarlette009 replied to the thread Beginner owner.
    What type of heater do you have? I'm struggling finding the size I need since it's a terrarium and I'm unsure of the gallon size. I...
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    So I'm looking into different enclosures for my future gecko. I plan on getting an adult male from a local breeder. I was looking at a...
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    Thank you :) I've been watching her channel a lot already.. It's one of the few that are really informative :P
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    Thank you so much for your reply. What would you recommend for air temps ? I did a lot of research before I got Gretchen and pretty much...
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    acpart replied to the thread Feeding.
    Weighing her is fine as long as you don't end up obsessing about a gram or two difference. Aliza
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    Cutie! Aliza
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    acpart replied to the thread Gecko not drinking.
    Unless you're staring at her all day, there's really no way to know. I never see most of my geckos drink, yet they're all fine. If you...
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    Sometimes the crickets I get do well for the whole 2 weeks (I get 2000 every other week). Sometimes they die as you described for no...
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    It's good to quarantine for at least a month. It's also a good idea to get the gecko tested for crypto at the end of the quarantine. I...
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    Welcome! Your setup is fine, though in my opinion an air temp in the mid to high 80's is kind of hot, which may be one reason she's in...
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    acpart replied to the thread gecko light timers for vacation?.
    I actually don't use lights for my leopard geckos. If they're in a room where there's ambient light, you can just do without the lights...
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    Do you know whether the person who saw her at the ER was a reptile vet or not? I recommend you make an appointment to take her to the...
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    It sounds as if the gecko was super stressed about something. Keep the tank super clean and feed the gecko really well until the tail...
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    Thank you!