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    The Monitors

    Nice monitors!
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    Paper towels are an excellent choice of substrate. Tile cut to size is also a good choice. You shouldn't keep your gecko on loose substrate such as aspen shavings or shredded paper as the gecko could ingest the material and become impacted. If you are going for a natural look to the enclosure, I...
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    R.i.P Marley Ripple :*(

    I'm sorry for your loss.
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    Owen and Fatty

    They're both gorgeous!
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    TSF Mack Snow Hypo and Hypo

    Both hatched on 6-25-11 and were produced by me. The Mack Snow Hypo is feeding on crickets and weighs 13 grams as of today (ready to ship very soon!). The Hypo is feeding on mealworms and superworms and weighs 17 grams as of today. They were incubated at 82-83 degrees F, so both should be...
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    a few gorgeous boas i got from tony :)

    I love the hog island. The boas are very nice as well!
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    Russ's new lizard!

    Nice cham!
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    Pretty Little Dahlia

    She is beautiful! No, my Dahlia is a leo.
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    Pretty Little Dahlia

    Beautiful girl! I have a gecko named Dahlia as well.
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    Our New Fatty

    Beautiful fattail, that has to be my favorite morph. Welcome to the forums.
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    My Golden Amel.

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    My housing setup, do I compare?

    Great set-up. I use moss in my humid hides without a problem. They are very picky eaters. Only one of my four AFT's will eat mealworms.
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    amel stripe:)

    Beautiful fat tail.