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    Shenandoah Reptiles Facebook Page!

    For all things African Fat-Tail Gecko, be sure and follow us!- CLICK HERE! Thanks, David!
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    My modest snake collection!

    I do have snakes, amidst my endless sea of AFTs I do have some snakes. I used to have 40 some snakes and I cut down to get into AFTs. So I took some pics while transferring them onto mulch.
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    FOR SALE JMG Tangerine Granite African Fat-Tail Gecko-Adult Female!!!!

    I am trying to thin my herd a little bit to focus on some other projects. It pains me to sell this girl, but I really have no plans for her. She is a JMG Tangerine Granite, with unknown hets (some may be hiding though!). She does have a regenerated tail. She is 42g and feeding on 3/4in and 1in...
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    Shenandoah Reptiles is complete!

    We're up and running! Feel free to look around and look at all our projects! CLICK HERE TO VISIT THE SITE!
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    Blue Beauty Rat Snake

    That is a Vietnamese blue beauty snake and by the looks of your temps the 92F hotspot will kill it. The hotspot needs to be around 83