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    Mellow yellow fellow

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    Bought a crested gecko

    Congrats on your first crested! Age in geckos is hard to judge on size alone. Cresteds tend to hatch out around 1.5-2.5g and grow pretty slowly. At 3 months old I would expect them to be 3-5g in weight, still pretty small as they don't take off growing like other species that are kept at warmer...
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    2 more eggs but in odd places

    If the laybox is too wet or too dry, if its not the right temperature, or if you have multiple females in the tank and one is being territorial they can lay outside the box. If none of those are the case then I would assume she is just a weirdo that is trying to drive you mad haha. Best of luck...
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    Help with morph id

    Crested morphs are loosely defined opinions that describe a way the gecko looks rather than a concrete term. Some argument around most names ecists and everyone seems to have their own opinions...haha. Moon Valley Reptiles has one of the best morph guides out there: Crested Gecko Morph Guide...
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    Crested gecko

    Crested morphs are all line bred or poly morphic. Breeding one morph to another usually results in something inbetween both. Because of this the morph names are not as important as they are with leopard geckos or other species that have (some) names that indicate the more predictable genes they...
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    Winner, winner, snaily Dinner

    Awesome shot!
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    New to Cresteds

    I don't do live setups so can't be much help in that realm. If its your first time keeping cresteds I would advise you to start with a basic setup and once you understand their care and needs move to a more elaborate terrarium. I've found that there's a lot of misinformation about how much...
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    CG14-15 Male Typhoon

    Male Typhoon from Acid Stripe bloodlines. This boy is huge and gorgeous. Bright colors, feisty personality, and gorgeous 100/100 solid eyes. He'll be a great male to kick off a new or add to an existing Rainwater project! Click here to go directly to his page. Check out more like him on my...
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    Humidity trouble/ new tank

    I mist my geckos once a day and let the tank dry out 100% between mistings. I check before I mist every night and do not mist if the tank is still damp or has any condensation. I've been doing it this way for about 2 years and my geckos are happy and fat enough to breed each summer. High...
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    Setting up a heat lamp for my crestie

    My gecko room gets down to about 65 in the winter. I would worry about heating if it got any lower than that. A few days between 60-65 won't hurt but much longer or frequent dips and I would get worried. Instead of buying an actual reptile heat lamp I would get a 15watt bulb from a normal store...
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    First time Crested Gecko Owner need help.

    I'd agree with Aliza. 78-83 is far too hot for a crested. They prefer temps between 68-75 - I don't like my temps to get over 78 or under 63 ever. Also, the tank should totally dry out for at least a few hours a day. Keeping the humidity high, especially with an absorbent substrate like eco...
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    Female Eclipse het Raptor

    Female Eclipse het Raptor Hatch Date: 7/26/2016 4.7g on 8/15/16 $60 This pretty gal comes from a W/Y Eclipse female and a Paptor male. There's a small chance she is W/Y but she doesn't look like it at the moment. Her eyes are very low expression eclipse but both of her parents are visuals...
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    Female Red Stripe het Rainwater

    CG14-96 Female Red Stripe het Rainwater Hatch Date: 7/22/2014 55.8g on 8/21/16 $150 This female is an outcross from my acid stripe project. A top of the line acid stripe gal was crossed to a Red Stripe boy from Creative Gecko. She should add a lot of color and some great genetics to any...
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    First time poster. Gecko size difference?

    I usually recommend NO MORE than a 10% weight difference between the two geckos. This means that an 18g gecko can be housed with another 16-20g gecko and a 33g gecko can be housed with a 29-36g gecko. The larger the size difference the greater the chance the smaller gecko will be severely...
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    Incubation Help

    I'm incubating in vermiculite. I use a scale to measure a 1:1 ratio of dry vermiculite to water and use sandwich tupperware containers with absolutely no holes. So for example, I take 20g dry vermiculite, put the container on the scale and use a spray bottle to add 20g of water and snap the lid...