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    Mellow yellow fellow

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    FOR SALE CG14-15 Male Typhoon

    Male Typhoon from Acid Stripe bloodlines. This boy is huge and gorgeous. Bright colors, feisty personality, and gorgeous 100/100 solid eyes. He'll be a great male to kick off a new or add to an existing Rainwater project! Click here to go directly to his page. Check out more like him on my...
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    New to snakes- a few questions

    When mine fast they just want to be left alone. They aren't hungry, which is why they're not eating, so they're calmer and less aggressive though. Not sure what stress signs would be for corns. My hogs start to hiss and display threats like puffing their necks out. I don't know that corns do...
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    New to snakes- a few questions

    Snakes are pretty easy keepers like geckos. They need fresh water available pretty much at all times and its good to wait a couple of days after they poo to feed them again but other than that there isn't much you can do wrong. If he's young he'll grow faster if you feed him every few days, if...
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    Super cool!
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    My other new NARBC pickup.

    Very cool! Sad I missed NARBC :/
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    Wow awesome fish! I think you need a big tank like they have a Bass Pro Shop to keep that one! Haha
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    Corn Snake Scars Or An Infection?

    I don't know a whole lot about mites and corn snakes but they don't look terrible? I think having someone that knows something about snakes take a look at her in person would be your best bet. If you don't have a local friend or breeder you can turn to a vet may be your best bet.
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    Spiny Mice :)

    So cute! There was someone selling those little guys next to me at the last expo I vended and they were super cool! Thanks for sharing!
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    Riley and the quest to become a therapy dog!

    Fun! I had both of my dogs certified as therapy animals through a local organization. We had lots of fun going to visit people at elementary schools, nursing homes and hospitals. it's an awesome time to spend some quality time with your pets and give back to the community!! Hardest part for my...
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    FOR SALE 1.1 2014 Typhoon Pair!

    1.1 Pair of Typhoons. $425 shipped! CG14-14 - This male has some awesome coloration from a cross of a patterned Typhoon female to an Acid Stripe Typhoon male from Enigmatic Reptiles. He hatched on 4/19/14 and currently weighs about 25g. CG14-38 - This female is from an Atomic typhoon...
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    Sneaky Snake

    Very cool!
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    Silence of the hamsters

    Teehee. Too cute! I expected to see snakes eating them - glad to see cute fuzziness!!
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    It's my understanding that mealworms in general are not good for bearded dragons as they eat so many that the chitin (exoskeletons) can clog up their digestive tracks and impact them. I would switch to crickets and/or dubia ASAP.
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    Single? The quest continues..

    Evil OBT! Even in love! Haha. Cute post :)