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    Pet co Throws Away Live Iguana Babies

    q_p969U0eSA If this is indeed 100% legitimate then it is definitely one of the saddest things I've ever seen. I guess there's a lot of you here that don't shop at chain pet stores and I guess this is one of the reasons why :furious3:
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    help needed for a beginner owner

    A good care sheet with a lot of information can be found here: Crested Gecko Care Sheet // Gorgeous Gecko Most people recommend that you do not handle reptiles for the first one to two weeks after purchasing. They need time to adjust to new surroundings and handling just adds more stress for...
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    GFP Axolotls: GLOWING Alien Pets!

    Certainly very beautiful! Most pet stores here in Tokyo sell axolotls. My friend has one. Love that special orange one though!
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    unboxing a "Gorgeous Gecko" :)

    Stuuuunning. Really wish I could get one
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    Lobster & Shrimp for Chrissy

    AWESOME!! I remember your first thread for Shrimp and Lobster. The thing that always impresses me is their vivid reds, unreal! :main_thumbsup:
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    update on my "old" cresties...

    Love love love!! Seems like Cresties/Gargoyles are mostly brown and red but these are pretty pastel :o And Pink looks like she had confetti thrown on her, adorable haha :D
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    new crestie :)

    Wow! It's side markings are quite enthralling. It would be hard to resist purchasing it haha. What morph is that?
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    From my garden - Tree Agamas

    Why can't Japan have cool lizards like these?? ;-; They're awesome! We just have common gray geckos...
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    My Madagascan Tenrecs

    I heard hedgehogs aren't always the most social little furry animals and can be somewhat feline in their independence. How are these? Are they closer to rats or degus which appreciate human interaction?
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    My Madagascan Tenrecs

    WOW!! Such cute little critters!! I haven't heard of them either. I want one now lol
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    Feeder costs

    My two babies aren't very pricey to feed. I can't imagine I spend more than $10 a month on mealworms.
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    A Good SHow

    Congrats Aliza!! I'm sure the buyers are very satisfied with their purchases :) Hope your last leopard geckos can be sold soon too!
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    Why are some geckos our 'favorites'?

    I only have two and they're both "favorites" :p Dango is my sweet Jungle who is very friendly and Mitarashi is a Leo I bought for her beautiful color :) Also Dango was a birthday gift from my boyfriend which makes her my favorite favorite ;)
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    What reptile do you want most right now?

    Maybe you should look up some reptile conventions happening in AU and network with some breeders :)
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    Launching a new website :-)

    How's the web work going? :)