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    GFP Axolotls: GLOWING Alien Pets!

    Certainly very beautiful! Most pet stores here in Tokyo sell axolotls. My friend has one. Love that special orange one though!
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    My Madagascan Tenrecs

    I heard hedgehogs aren't always the most social little furry animals and can be somewhat feline in their independence. How are these? Are they closer to rats or degus which appreciate human interaction?
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    My Madagascan Tenrecs

    WOW!! Such cute little critters!! I haven't heard of them either. I want one now lol
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    Launching a new website :-)

    How's the web work going? :)
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    bearded dragon died. when is it ok to get a new one

    I'd wait until you fully clean (with the proper disinfecting solutions) everything that your bearded dragon came in contact with. Seems weird that it passed away so young, do you know the cause? If it didn't die from maltreatment you can get a new one when you feel emotionally ready and have...
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    Launching a new website :-)

    Much better!! Hope he keeps honing his website building skills :)
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    Launching a new website :-)

    Hmm, not sure what the website builder looks like, but this is a pretty simple website. I'd encourage your son to learn HTML and CSS so that he can design basic websites without the use of a 'builder'. I know I started 11 years ago when I was 12 and knowing how to code things for the web has...
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    Seahorses in the Aquarium: 5 Things You Should Know Beforehand

    Seahorses are such beautiful creatures, I think it'd be amazing to have a saltwater tank with some. I don't see myself braving their difficult care regiment to do so though :p
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    Can we get some more mods?

    Yeah, I noticed lol. I also assumed since you started this thread talking about reporting posts and you're a moderator that your instatement was part of the solution to the problem :p
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    Can we get some more mods?

    Seems like everything's fine besides the occasional spambot... (IMO) :main_thumbsup: Don't really think any extra mods are necessary
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    how to keep a lone rat happy

    I think I would occasionally give lettuce, carrots, and peas. I think. It's been a few years haha
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    how to keep a lone rat happy

    I loved my two rats so much. Sadly they passed away while I've been living here in Japan. I'd recommend toys like the others suggested. I used to hide treats in toilet paper rolls then food in the ends so they'd have to work a bit.
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    AWESOME!!!!!! That 'suntiger' is especially fearsome! I think I might have picked those up as well if I had been there :p
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    Granite Spotted Python.

    WOW! Love that iridescent sheen on its scales! Very beautiful :D
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    Outdoor Piebald Pictures

    Awesome! I've always been fascinated by snakes which have sections of pure white. So beautiful!