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    Morph Id

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    The Dog Whisperer?!

    ;) You're thinking too much like a gecko lol
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    Mixed Emotions

    Mine has a lighter green rings (she's all green and not white with teal), but she is a for sure female. I found an egg on the bottom of the cage once.
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    Mixed Emotions

    Yes she does. I thought she was just a weirdo, but I guess it’s typical of the species… Is yours nasty as heck to people she doesn’t know, too?
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    Mixed Emotions

    My ring neck goes into the same position when being petted. :)
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    Sheep Gives Birth to Human-Faced Lamb in Turkey

    I say photoshop.
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    yet another smuggler...

    i think all NZ geckos give live birth.
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    Cheap but GOOD Web-Design Company...

    contact "Clear" through a PM.
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    Getting the snake itch...

    there was a add on the corn snake forum explaining the morph, and history, and trying to sell them. You might want to do a search over there.
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    Obama wins Nobel Prize

    Lets just count ourselves lucky he didn’t read speeches out of physics or bio book, he would or he would have won in those areas as well. :main_laugh:
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    Best. Birthday. Gift. EVARRR <33

    nice chondro
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    My new RTBs :)

    Those look great!
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    Ok, and update on my hognoses...

    They all look good, Gregg.
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    Like candy canes??

    Those are great looking corns!