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    Have To Move! 150 shipped for 4 SHCTB adults and large juvies

    They are all females, and are as follows- .1 adult, gravid with male Sunglow .1 adult, ready to breed .2 large juveniles, 6 months, het for bell 150 shipped!!!!!! pics in my last two adds Call me @ 252-337-4490 if interested! Thanks-Adam
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    0.2 adult SHCTB females (1 gravid)

    150 shiiped for these two and the two in my last add!
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    0.2 adult SHCTB females (1 gravid)

    open to offers. Got to move these!!!!!!!!
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    0.2 adult SHCTB females (1 gravid)

    60.00 for each!
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    0.2 adult SHCTB females (1 gravid)

    Hello all! Both orginally purchased from GillsGeckos (Dan). Feel free to call me @ 252-337-4490 Also, will combine these with the juveniles from my last post for 225 shipped! Thanks! -Adam This female is absolutely awesome! Gravid with a Sunglow male, and has produced two eggs already for...
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    0.2 SHCTB het Bell

    Up for sale is 2 female SHCTB het for bell juveniles. Both are voracious eaters, and are very vibrant!:D 50.00 each plus shipping! (Originally purchased from Dan @ GillsGeckos) Thanks for looking! -Adam 252-337-4490
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    bell sunglow male (adult)

    Looking for an adult Bell Sunglow male. Thanks! -Adam
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    Hybino male

    Lemme know what you have! Bell Hybinos.... -Adam
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    1.1 spotted turtle pair fs/trade

    Oh yeah, 200 shipped for the pair!
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    1.1 spotted turtle pair fs/trade

    I have a cb adult pair of Spotted turtles for sale/trade. Will email pics and also have pics up here as well! Trade considered for all LEOS! Thanks! -Adam 252-337-4490
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    Show Off Your Cages

    nice tanks