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    Used Ranco Thermostats for your racks! - Like New

    Switching to proportional thermostats and selling these 2 Rancos. They were used for 1 year and then put into storage for the past year. I just fired them up again and they are working flawlessly. One of the thermostats has a small cut on the power cord, it is wrapped in electrical tape and does...
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    Basic Adult and SubAdult Leopard Gecko Morphs

    WANTED LEOPARD GECKO MORPHS! Looking for Adult and Subadult Leopard Geckos. Not looking for anything fancy. WANTED: Tremper Albinos Bell Albinos Rainwater Albinos Blizzards Blazing (Tremper) Blizzards Banana (Banana) Blizzards Patternless Albino (Tremper) Patternless RAPTORS...
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    List of 2011 Ball Pythons - Lots of Females - WEEKEND SALE!! - DISCOUNTED SHIPPING!

    Here is the list of all available ball pythons. All of them are feeding well. They all range between 71 (early 2012) and 450 grams. All individual pictures and weights are available on my website. 1.1 High Contrast Albinos $325SALE: $300 m / $450 SALE: $420 f (pictured in ad) / $745 pr...
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    Chris @ CS Serpents- GOOD GUY!!!

    Chris from is a great guy! He went out of his way to meet me while I was coming down from Orlando to Miami to get the racks I ordered at around 9 PM on a Sunday. The quality of the racks are top notch and I will be purchasing more racks soon! He really cares about his customers.
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    Does anyone keep there Cresties/other arboreal geckos in plastic (ABS) reptile cages, like those made by Repti-Racks? I am asking because I am thinking of buying a Pair of Tokay Geckos. Any input is greatly appreciated!
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    2011 Ball Python Morphs!! Pied, Fire, Pastel

    Please contact me via email or PM for more information. Fire - Female 285 g - $400 Pastel - Female 266 g - $200 Striped Pied - Male 130 g - $600 Comes with 7-Day Health Guarantee! Shipping is $55 via FedEx priority Overnight. I accept PayPal and Postal Money Orders. Check Website for...
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    Adult Whiteout Fat Tail Breeding Group

    Striped Whiteout Male (65+ grams) and two Normal banded Females (around 50 grams each). These two females have not bred yet this year. The male is a high white, but has browned out after breeding. When fired up, he looks silver. They are all feeding on 1" Crickets and Discoid Roaches. $995...
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    Ackie Monitor Lighting

    I just bought a trio from Pro Exotics, and they told me they do a 12/12 Day/Night cycle now instead of a 24 hour lights on. (For you guys that have bred them before) What do you guys reccomend? What have you seen better growth and breeding success with? Thanks, Alex Picture of trio...
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    Help! What to do in case of theft!

    Lesson of the story kids, always remember to lock your doors!
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    Help! What to do in case of theft!

    One can always go to the Station themselves and file the report there.
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    SALE IS OVER!! Thanks to all that purchased geckos, I truly appreciate your business. Happy Holidays!
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    BLACK FRIDAY RAFFLE!: Tangerine 66% het. Amel - Female - Fat Tail - FREE SHIPPING!

    Considering the legal ramifications of running a raffle (for example, Florida statute 849.0935), and the risk it exposes this site to, I have decided to remove the raffle. NOTE TO MOD: If you can, please remove this ad all together. Thanks in advance!!