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    The Summer of 2016 Has Been Awful

    What a beautiful dog, it sounds like he was smart too, and loved you a lot. I'm so sorry for your loss. You're story made me cry, I will remember him with you. Please accept my condolences.
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    My Bearded Dragon is Not Feeding: Tips from a Herpetologist

    Thank you for posting your article! I found it informative, but more so I found your posts on collecting feeder insects very fascinating. I've bookmarked the articles for research. I think I might like to incorporate this practice for my collection, once I can be sure to not harm my pets with...
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    Ovariosalpingectomy : Eublepharis macularius

    I'm squeamish but watched it anyways.. interesting, but BLEHHHhEHHEhEH. This is why I could never become a doctor or vet.. Much respect for those who can though.
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    Bearded Dragons v.s. Water?

    Arid climates aren't necessarily void of standing water. Seems plausible to me that a beardie could enjoy a bath.
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    Need more mouths to feed -- Suggestions for new pet lizard?

    Thanks for the replies guys. I'd love to get a beardie or rankin's dragon but unfortunately they can't really eat mealies or superworms. Also that BTS website's caresheet is amazingly thorough, love it. I'll probably just end up getting another leo in a few months when I can afford the second...
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    Need more mouths to feed -- Suggestions for new pet lizard?

    I did a bit of reading and I really like that they are omnivorous.. I have problems with buying fruits and veggies and those going to waste too, since it's just me eating them, so a BTS is looking like a great idea. Out of curiosity, what are you plastic tanks called? Are they lighter than glass...
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    Girls just wanna have fun...

    Isis is beautiful :)
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    Need more mouths to feed -- Suggestions for new pet lizard?

    Thanks for the info! I already have a 10 gallon tank so I might end up going with another leo, but the idea of an insect vacuum intrigues me.. Adult BTS are able to eat larged size hornworms too, aren't they? If I can find a larger sized tank for a good price I think I'll look in to getting one.
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    Need more mouths to feed -- Suggestions for new pet lizard?

    I have an excess of food.. mealworms, hornworms, silkworms, waxworms. A lot of food goes to waste as I only have one leopard gecko. So the obvious solution is to get more lizards! If I get another leo, I was thinking about a SHTCTB or Eclipse.. But I think it would be interesting to explore...
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    How can GF be improved?

    I second this statement! And also it's a tricky situation because if anyone can give out rep, what if someone is mistaken and gives rep for inaccurate info? It would undermine the purpose. Unless there was some sort of filtering process. I dunno, sounds complicated.
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    How can GF be improved?

    ^This. Haha, just joking. But I do agree, and i was thinking to solve this, maybe add a 'like' button or an 'i concur' button. Though this might seem excessive in addition to the thanks button. But the difference is one expresses agreement(and would probably be used more frequently)...
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    Calcium vs. Calcium + D3

    I have read somewhere that in the wild geckos get their D3 from ambient sunlight, and also apparently they hang out some of their limbs in the morning and evening sun on occasion. I don't know the source of the top of my head though, so I don't know if that's fact. I just read it somewhere. :x
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    Some Questions About Beetles and Gecko's Appetite

    Hey guys, so I've some trouble with my gecko lately. He use to eat anything I put in front of his face, but then I gave him a variety of things to eat and he became picky.. He's an adult now, so how many times a week does the average gecko eat and roughly how much? And are the adult...
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    Fake Plants?

    Hey guys, I recently got my gecko a 20 gallon tank and he seems a bit freaked out by all the wide open space. That, and things are looking rather plain. I bought some fake plants from a hobby store a while back with the intention of putting it in the cage. Problem is.. I don't know how to go...
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    UGH! This is so Frustrating!

    Yeah, I know how you feel. My gecko has been doing the same thing. =/ I guess certain geckos just get bored easily and want variety.