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    I just thought this was super AWESOME!

    So I decided to share:
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    Pastel Ivory

    Sooooo pretty! Would they call that head lavender in BPs, or not? Very lovely! I don't need ball pythons. I don't need ball pythons. I don't need ball pythons.
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    From NPR: Andrew Wyatt, Wayne Pacelle, Zuzana Kukol, and Tim Harrison

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    Our new family member, Weetbix!

    He's so cute! Congrats on your new addition. :D
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    <<New LESSER PLATINUM Male>>

    Well if you don't want that pretzel, I guess I could take it off your hands... :D
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    How can GF be improved?

    *gaaassssssp* Kelli! the TOS! ~sobs in corner at downfall of one of her heroes~ ~snicker~ *chortle* okok, I'll go to time out for that one. ;) Constructively? I wouldn't mind having more messages, either. And I think Marcia has a good idea on how to keep "cute gecko" from...
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    Angry. Sad. Despicable.
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    New Hogs - Pink Pastels and Snows

    Hognoses are painfully cute. I think the pink pastel male is outstanding, and I usually don't like pink anything. But I think he looks more fiery than pink...
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    I'm not sure where to put this.

    I'm feeling guilty for speaking too soon. Listen to them.
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    I'm not sure where to put this.

    After giving this some more thought, it's not likely that they are docile, it's likely that they are very stressed and not well. I don't keep snakes or know as much about them...but I know that a fiesty snake is usually a healthy snake, and a docile one...may not be. Sorry, I typed that the...
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    I'm not sure where to put this.

    Oh dear. That is actually something you will likely have to name names on, if not to us here to the forums, at least to the local county animal control. I would also encourage a BOI thread, if you can find the strength. It's one thing to make do with extra sterilites and heat mats until you...
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    Marshland God Captured

    They're going after a second one it about keeping people safe, or making their new "eco-park" lucrative? I'm all for eco-tourism...but not like this. *sigh* Humans are such stupid cheeky monkeys...
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    Marshland God Captured This looks to me like nothing less than the God of the Saltwater Marsh. I am sad that it has been captured, but I am relieved that it was not killed.
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    Snow Hognose

    I know just about nothing about hognoses, except they're cute and I like them. But I hafta say, I've never seen one like this, it's beautiful! Does the red eye mean it's a type of albino?
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    Results from my second clutch!

    I like the one in the top right corner. I don't need BPs. I don't need BPs...I don't need...