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    My Green basilisk and enclosure build

    Hello all, just wanted to share with you my green basilisk Rhae and her enclosure. For a better look at her enclosure I would suggest checking out my 3 videos where each time it grew just a little bit more. And here are the links to the videos
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    My new little buddy

    So i finally decided on Gizmo as a name. This way if it's a boy i could shorten it to Giz and if it's a girl i could call her Gizzy lol Sent from my SM-G925W8 using Tapatalk
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    My new little buddy

    Hello all, a few days ago i picked up my first gecko from a breeder auction. It is a 2 month old gargoyle gecko. Im kind of hesitant to name it yet just because it's impossible to tell the sex at this point but either way gargs are awesome. I had an extra exo terra 18x18x18 left over from my...
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    Gecko In New Viv Keeps Hanging Upside Down

    I don't know if you've got an answer on this yet but when i first got my basilisk she was doing the same thing. I asked around and was told it was cause she wanted to get higher in the terrarium and it was probably too small. It has since grown and she doesn't do it anymore. In your situation it...