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    some pics of my ball collection

    Nice collection! I really like the BP.
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    Emperor Scorpion care???

    They're fairy straightforward inverts. I keep a group of 4. For a single scorpion a 5-10gal tank is fine, floor space matters more than height. Provide 4-6 inches of substrate, I use a 50/50 mix of cocofiber and organic potting soil, as they enjoy digging burrows. A few pieces of cork bark...
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    Very nice pickups! I especially like the YB, you can never have enough YB girls in your collection, SO many nice combos with that gene.
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    My very first Ball Python!!!

    Welcome to your new addiction. :D Just a warning, with Balls live is usually going to get the best feeding response. I have a couple that will eat FT, pretty much the two that will eat anything that moves, but the majority are going to hold out for something breathing. I personally find it a...
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    More Blood pics

    Female shed out today so I took some fresh pics. Female Male Absolutely in love with these guys. :main_thumbsup:
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    Two additions

    Nice additions! Is that a super cinnie or a super bp? I'm thinking cinnie due to head shape but I could be wrong..
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    Chilean Rose Hairs

    Use aged tap water or bottled water. No dusting, inverts don't have skeletons, no need for extra calcium. Feed crickets, roaches, etc. Pheonix worms will most likely be ignored, spiders hunt based on prey movement and worms aren't likely to move enough. Inverts rarely carry diseases or...
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    First Blood(s)

    Do it! They're awesome snakes. Good size without getting too ginormous. I am very happy with these two(and will probably end up with more before the year is out, lol).
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    First Blood(s)

    Got this Sumatran Red pair from Robin at R2 Reptiles. They arrived this morning. First time keeping this genus. The male is real easy going. The female(who is a partial stripe) wasn't exactly cooperating(refused to sit still) so I'll have to get better pics of her later. Looking forward to...
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    Holdback pastel calico

    Awesome looking snake! I've always liked calicoes and F&F line I think is the best of the best. Lots of potential with this gene, can't wait to see what you produce.
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    New ones and some updates

    Picked these girls up last month. Female Pastel 1167gs Female Pastel 1038gs And some updated pics of my favorites Token, Pastel male 621gs Spyro, Spider male 657gs Kira, Dinker female with reduced pattern 1036gs
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    New Vanilla Male

    Nice looking vanilla. I can get fire girls btw. ;)
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    are any of you working with dinkers?

    I know, when I first got her I thought the same. She was produced locally and I never saw the parents but I was told they were normals.
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    are any of you working with dinkers?

    You've seen my reduced girl. Probably one more year before she's big enough.
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    Puff my Eyelash Viper

    Awesome looking eyelash! Is this your first hot? I kept these guys a few years ago, along with a small collection of other things that could kill me, lol. Eyelash are excellent snakes, very interesting to watch and keep. Good luck with her!