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    Retic to be Euthanised

    Thanks for the link, I talked to the owner on the phone, and I'm most likely adopting her, as long as the owner can find a way to ship her to me. I told him a few options for shipping, and I'm hoping it works out. He seemed nice on the phone, and has experience with reptiles. He said that he...
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    Retic to be Euthanised

    Can you please link me to the thread? I would definitely be interested in adopting it, and willing to treat the mites, and bring it to the vet. I know a good vet in my area. Thanks
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    how many algae wafers should i feed my pleco

    I wouldn't feed him any one thing, alone. A variety is better. You can try giving them microwaved/steamed spinach, zucchini, and most other types of vegetation. I used to feed my bristlenose plecostomuses a variety of things, but remove them before they rot.
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    Repeat Offender, any ideas?

    Get a latching storage bin. Some brands make 28 quart sizes. They are cheap, light, and escape proof. Even possessed California king snakes can't escape from them.
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    Spider ID Please

    There are thousands of species of orb weavers. I was trying to find the specific species of this one. I eventually found out that it was an Araneus Bicentenarius.
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    Is.. He dead?

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    What kind of Frog are YOU???

    Here are all of the possible choices.
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    What kind of Frog are YOU???

    I'm orange. :(
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    Want to get over my fear!

    Yes, about 3-5 feet. Males stay at the smaller end. You could also use a latching storage bin. They are cheaper, lighter, less likely to break, and easier to clean.
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    Sub-section for "What morph am I?"

    I think that is a good idea. It seems like all of the threads in that section are either pictures from breeders, or asking for morph identification.
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    Want to get over my fear!

    There is no chance of a ball python Python Regius eating a cat.
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    Check out this little pretty.

    They are some kind of Thamnophis, the first looks like it could be a T. Brachystoma. The second looks like T. Sirtalis.
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    Want to get over my fear!

    It was probably a California kingsnake that bit and would not let go. Was it black and white banded? You are not very likely to have a ball python bite, and hold on. The worst problem you will probably have with getting one would be getting it to eat. Sometimes the hatchlings only want live...