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    Hide and seek champion 2001-2011.
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    Looky what I found today while herping.

    Nice finds tim, i can never manage to find stuff like that up here.
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    Beck geckos

    Websites been up for 15 days, so far so good, havent sold anything yet but ive gotten almost 100 views. \/ Link below \/
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    What to do in a dog attack?

    Agreed, if a dog tryed to attack me, say a bigger dog, if you get the chance grab there bottem jaw and pull down, makes it harder for them to bite, And for a smaller dog, this may sound harsh but if its a full blown attack, mabey just kick it really hard?
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    no, ferret chat here?

    i have a rain dear...
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    Funny Things Your Leos Do

    count me in..