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    Ohh snakes snakes snakes.. tsk tsk... Me too!!!! LOL
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    Pissed off Update haha

    I know right?! Lol..
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    Pissed off Update haha

    Me again with a quick update. If you guys already knew a few years back then you would probably still remember my grumpy Boiga philippina named Garfield.. If not, then let me refresh your memory with his photo Here he is now, 3 years later and still feisty as ever lol With flash...
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    New Snake

    Lol at breaking down.. congrats and enjoy! :D
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    Warning: Death from cuteness is possible

    Start of a new week ahead.. Just wanna share how i feel when Monday is near LOL How 'bout you guys? :P
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    Catching up to CNY

    Look who decided to catch-up with Chinese New Year..My very first T, Lady Macbeth, doing her thing.New Year (chinese), New Skin!!After a year and half finally she molted. This makes her hit the max 6" legspan mark and also marks her 8th year bday with me :)Happy weekend guys!!
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    Hello from Blaze

    Hey blaze welcome aboard! :)
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    I don't know what to do!

    Check your nitrite, nitrate, ammonia, chloramine/chlorine levels on the water. Most tetras require soft, slightly acidic water. Check and clean your filtering system as well.
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    My Baby Boa isn't eating.

    Most reptiles this season go off-feed. Try raising the temos by a couple of degrees more to stimulate the metabolism and appetite. How long has it been since it last ate?
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    Look Alikes :D

    Thought I'd introduce some of my critters to you guys. Not that they don't deserve their own threads but because I'm gonna be away again for a few days. Just to keep you guys freshened up with new species that you don't see posted every day (or ever in any forums for that matter. Unless we're...
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    Swing, swing.. (warning: cuteness inside)

    Haha i know right. I actually had it printed out and framed for the living room haha
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    Swing, swing.. (warning: cuteness inside)

    Remember my babies?? Well for those of you who've only seen them now, I used to have 5 sugar gliders. I sold of three before I embarked on my 4-month Southeast Asia tour. Now Tasha (Anastasia), had 2 babies a month and a half before I came back so I'm back to having four. Tasha and her...
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    Grumpy Cat's Scaly Counterpart :D

    Asian vinesnake (Ahaetulla prasina) :)
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    Grumpy Cat's Scaly Counterpart :D

    Yup lol.. She clearly loves or hates the cam haha
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    Grumpy Cat's Scaly Counterpart :D

    To those who still remember my Poison Ivy from a couple of years back, she's still alive, flicking and striking lol Her enclosure had a secret colony of red ants residing on the substrate so i had to clean it asap. She wasn't obviously happy about the idea It only took me 17...