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    Fat-tail gecko pair or trio wanted

    I'm wanted to set up a breeding pair or trio of these guys for years and now is the time. So I'm looking for a pair or trio(1.2) for a new 20g long tank I have waiting. Looking online not a lot of places carrying these guys and would rather not buy wild caught if I can help it. If you are...
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    Midwest Reptile Show Aug 30 2015

    I wanted to share this show with you guys. Not sure if anyone else will be going but I plan on attending with the family. Welcome to the Midwest Reptile Show, Indianapolis, Indiana -Home Aug 30 10:00 -4:00 $5 entry I hear its a very good show.
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    Our bearded dragon basking in the sun.

    We have had Dave for a few years and has really become part of the family. Turned out Dave is really a girl but we never changed her name. This might be her favorite spot just hanging out in the sun.
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    How many of you have tortoises?

    We let him go play in the back yard this past weekend. Man is loves to "run" for a tortoise any way, we had to keep bringing him back to the center because he wanted to escape. It was good for him to get some sun and stretch his legs.
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    My new New Guinea blue tongue skink

    I think all the skinks will be too close to the snakes for me. My wife has a healthy fear of them so that's a reptile we won't be keeping. Right now I'm looking for info on the Uromastyx. I want to find one that will do well in the higher humidity where I live so we can get a pair.
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    My new New Guinea blue tongue skink

    Thanks for the info it sounds like they aren't too much different. Bearded dragons need a 40g breeder or larger and temps 95-100, but not sure about the humidity. I know my house in the spring and summer has 60-80% and ours does fine. The taking cat or dog food is a cool bonus also. I will...
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    My new New Guinea blue tongue skink

    Very nice, How hard are they to keep compared to Bearded Dragons?
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    How many of you have tortoises?

    Sorry I was late kinda busy around the house. Here is Stanley we have had time for about 2 months and he or she is growing well so far. Weighted him over the weekend 398 grams so he is eating well. I have the new enclosure design like I want it just need to buy the wood and build it. After I'm...
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    Anyone keep Uromastyx?

    These guys look so cool they look so prehistoric. I have seen them a few times at reptile shows but I stay away because of the heat they need. Basking spots up to 120 degrees ouch. So anyone keep these guys?
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    How many of you have tortoises?

    We have two dogs now and he had been asking for a greek for 3 years. We keep putting it off thinking he would out grow it and tried to explain to him this won't be a pet you play around the back yard with but he did the research and knew what it needed so we found a good deal and gave in. To be...
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    How many of you have tortoises?

    My son really wanted a Greek Tortoises so we got him one, turns out it isn't as fun as he thought it would be. So he as become a family pet now and we all enjoy him.