1. Silkythegecko

    Denting in bottom of egg?

    One of my 3 year old Leo's just laid her first 100%fertile eggs of the season about 9 days ago and one of them seems to be denting at the bottom. It's set to 83°f, 85% humidity and I'm using perlite in the deli container. The second egg in the container seem to be doing find so it doesnt seem to...
  2. acpart

    Igor is not Igor

    I have had a leachianus gecko, Igor, for nearly 5 1/2 years. I was told he was male and it seemed to me that he was male. Last night Igor laid 2 eggs. The cool thing about leachies is that they can, on occasion, lay fertile eggs without benefit of a male and hatch parthenogenetic babies. I'm...