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    HELP!! Partially hatched egg

    if the gecko is still alive, would opening the egg injure the little one?
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    HELP!! Partially hatched egg

    thats my fear, ive been keeping a close eye on it since its been approaching the hatching window, and over the last day or so, the egg has gone from solid white to brownish/grey (by the 2 cracks) and fading to solid white (opposite end of the egg). the cracks are not on the top but on the...
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    HELP!! Partially hatched egg

    I have a crested egg that appeared to be hatching this morning. It is cracked but nothing had come out of it yet and the egg appears to be beginning to rot. It has gone from white to mostly brownish/grey. Should I attempt to help the little one out or should i just leave it? this is only my...
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    woohoo, successfully hatched our first crestie egg the other night its name is little foot, and it weighs in at 1.7g :D got 3 more eggs waiting to hatch aswell, so excited lol
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    how many eggs?

    how many eggs can i expect my female to lay? since 10/08/10 shes laid 4 1 on 10/8, 1 on 11/8, and 2 that i just found tonight
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    AFT eggs

    My AFT laid her first clutch of eggs since we have had her. They are pretty dented from her laying on them. I removed the container very carefully and started to incubate them. Will the eggs be ok even if they are dented?
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    possibly pregnant

    actually my gf just corrected me he is a herp vet, and yes actually they have both setups and he is very compatent in his practice
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    possibly pregnant

    sonogram or ultrasound i think, this is not a herp vet, so his numbers could be off, i though it was high aswell, oh well, and yes i will try to get pics of her belly as soon as she gets home with the gf lol
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    possibly pregnant

    well we took her in to my girls vet's office, the gf is a vet tech (good benefits when you have a small zoo), and our lil girl is gravid with at least 9 eggs (upto 12 from what the doc saw) woot, doc says she could lay within 3 weeks :) i guess this what we get for getting a proven breeder, now...
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    possibly pregnant

    My female AFT has seemed to widen out and her tail has also decreased quite a bit in its size. She is eating normally. Is this a normal sign?
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    Donut is going to give me a heart attack

    thats awesome, we got another ferret, video is being worked on of them teaming up on the cats lol
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    another tampa show

    went both days, signed usarks petition and letters 3 new animals.......
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    another tampa show

    woot confirmed ill be attending both days
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    Funky Jungle MS Bell Update...

    awesome i think that has to be one of my favorite leo morphs
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    New Gecko Time article: gecko mutations

    i like the dwarf leo, hes a cutie