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    Snakes for sale

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    Snakes for sale

    Hey I have a 1.1 pair of pastels for sale. I'm asking $150 shipped right now but I'm flexible. E-mail me at [email protected] if interested. Male:
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    bought some stuff

    Here they are, my mom took my camera on a business trip so all i had was the sucky webcam:mad: Garg: female bp (i have really big hands so she might look small haha) male pastel:
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    bought some stuff

    So I went to Daytona this weekend and picked up some new stuff! I bought an adult female ball python, and a adult male pastel ball python. They're breeding this season. And, an impulse buy I admit haha, a baby gargoyle gecko! I'll post some pics when everyone gets settled in!
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    New Gecko!!

    Finally got another female guys! She's a SHTCTB, and will be breeding to Helios once she gets settled in. I got her for $60. Any name suggestions?
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    Im back!

    Glad your back!!
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    OK so im just scrolling through facebook when i see this: click through for more photos! Its a blue belly leopard gecko bred by sasobeks reptiles.. this is insane!!!!!! only...
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    Possibly Gravid

    Ok so you Amber (tangerine enigmas) been housed with Helios (SHTCTB) for a couple of weeks, and now thats its finally warming up, ive been hearing some tail rattling in the past week or two. Yesterday when i went to feed her i checked and sure enough she looks gravid:D! Its about time LOL! Well...
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    Im back (Updates, snake stories....)

    Ok well i havent been on here in FOREVER it seems! Sorry ive been really busy with, and the reptiles obviously! Well i have a couple of updates. So my albino radiated kingsnake died about a two weeks after i got it. I have no idea what happened. It had eaten a pinky about five days after i got...
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    New additions...

    1.1 Pastel BP's, 0.0.1 Albino Radiated Ratsnake, 0.0.1 Chinese Reeve's Turtle. Got these from a reptile show yesterday! :D
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    Repticon Tallahassee pick-ups!! :D

    Ok, so today I went to the reptile show and went a little crazy (:rolleyes:), I ended up buying a male\female pair of pastel ball pythons, a albino radiated rat snake and a Chinese Reeve's Turtle. I'm keeping the rat snake at my house, my friend is keeping the pythons and my other friend is...
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    Well, Tallahassee's reptile show is finally back after it took a break in 2008! I live there and I'm so happy! I'll let you guys know how it was and if I get anything!
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    Photo Contests

    Yeah that would be cool if we could get prizes like we used to, but something small.
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    Lighting for Leos. (newbie over here)

    Basically what Caleb said, but I don't use any lighting what-so-ever and their fine.
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    Amber and Helios!

    Are there morphs!?!? There is A TON! There are actual colors, then their are scale types. They are really fun to keep, they do need a pretty big pond but you can fit a lot in there! Heres some websites you can look at most of the colors (By the way, I have a doitsu sanke and a showa if your...