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    Leopard gecko injured

    Please note : I've scheduled to take him in to the vet- but their soonest availability is two weeks away. Last night my cat broke into my leopard gecko's cage, im not sure how .It's a sliding top with that clicks closed at the front. Somehow she opened it, and climbed inside. I was sleep in...
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    defensive wag

    hi i’m a new leopard gecko owner! my leopard gecko pete let me give me a bath and help shed his skin he couldn’t get off but shortly after i heard him fall after i put him back in his cage. when i went to see if he was injured he started to tail wag. he’s never done this before. after he calmed...
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    Help Gecko Injured!!!

    Hello guys! I found this wild philippine gecko on our porch. He's got bite marks all over his back and his tail is got. It appears our house cat went hunting last night and found this poor creature. I washed him with tap water because ants are starting to crawl on him. He's still breathing. I...