1st Time with Leopard Gecko eggs!


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Hi everyone, I have a singular question that I've been dying to get the answer to and no matter how much I search I can't seem to find an answer.

So my leopard gecko laid her first eggs after mating and the eggs don't seem infertile, they don't show signs of being infertile. They're not soft, dented or literally any other sign of being infertile, the only thing that I've been pondering is, when I candle them, and I don't often, they're yellow. It's been about 2 weeks since they were laid and they're still coming up as yellow. But again they're not showing signs.

Is there a time period of when they do start to redden in color and show the embryo growing?


At 2 weeks you would have been able to notice vein development in the eggs along when a super small red spot where the embryo would be. If it was fertile, the eggs would've changed to a reddish/pinkish color after the first couple days of laying. You should also look for the air sack. If there is an air sack, which will look like a little bright circle when candled, it usually means it's fertile, but I would try incubating for about another week or two just to be sure they aren't late bloomers. I'd usually wait until they started molding before making the decision to toss them. Since your gecko is a new layer, its not uncomon for her first lay to be infertile.
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I have had eggs that looked great for 8-9 weeks but weren't fertile. It's a great idea not to keep disturbing the eggs with candling if you can hold off. When I was breeding my policy was to incubate until the eggs either collapsed or hatched. As I mentioned I've had great looking eggs go nowhere and some awful looking eggs hatch.


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