A young pair of black rat snakes (neither normals)


Ghoulish Geckos
I don't have pics yet, but I decided to part with a pair of my young rats. They both eat f/t and have been here for about 2-3 months. They are eating 1-2 times a week with no problems. I have not sexed them myself, just purchased as a male and female. They are both beautiful, I just decided to go with some different pairings with my rat snakes.

The male is a white sided (licorice) black rat snake.
The female is an albino black rat snake.

Both are very pretty. $100 + shipping OBO for the pair. I can separate if needed. The female is a bit bigger than the male. Both are still small enough to ship in deli cups. Please e-mail me with any questions. I will try to get pics in the next few days if I can get them to stay still long enough. ;)