Breeding/ Selling Laws in New York



I was Wondering what kind of licenses you need to breed and sell leopard geckos from the internet, as well as selling at vendors at reptile expos. I know there are many breeders out there that sell from the internet and go to reptile expos to sell from vendor tables. I live in New York and would appreciate those who know the New York Laws to post. Also, I will be conduction business out of my home, so if there are any regulations about that please let me know. If you could please post the specific licenses needed, along with included fees that would be great. On the reptile expo website it says that a New York Sales tax permit is required to register as a venor, but what other permits/ licenses are need? THANKS A BUNCH!

Gregg M

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The Rotten Apple NYC
Nick, you do not need a license to keep, breed, or sell leopard geckos in NY... The species is 100% legal... However, I do not know how the IRS would feel if you mad over a certain amount in sales without giving a cut to the State/City/social security... LOL

All you really ineed is a NYS tax id to "legally" sell your leos...


IRS won't bug you unless you are making money... And by making money I mean really MAKING MONEY. ;)

Unless you have a few hundred leos in your collection - nobody will bug you.

(CT isn't as lenient with reptile/amphibian stuff...)