Calcium dust in viv


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Hi, just got my first ever leopard gecko. I have put a calcium dish in her viv as well as dusting her crickets and feeding her every other day. Twice a week with the dust and the other feed with multivitamin powder, as advised by my local reptile shop. But she seems to be eating the calcium dust in her dish quite a bit. Shes only 9 months. Should I be worried?


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Welcome to GF! Please be careful to put your posts in the proper sub-forum. I'm moving yours to "leopard gecko health and medications" since you're asking about the calcium. It's felt that it's possible for geckos to get too much calcium and vitamin D3, though there isn't a whole lot of info about exactly what the symptoms are. Some people feel that leopard geckos can figure out how much calcium they need if you leave it in the dish and others feel that they'll eat too much. Here's what I recommend:
--if you're leaving calcium in the enclosure, make sure it's calcium without vitamin D3
--make sure that when you're dusting the feeders you're using calcium WITH vitamin D3
--if you use calcium and vitamin D3 regularly when dusting your feeders, and you feel the gecko is eating the feeders before they have a chance to groom all the calcium off themselves, you probably don't have to keep the calcium in the enclosure. My only exception to this is with young hatchlings.