Camos new love pad


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well I got a great deal off of Craigslist. A chick that had given up her reptile project had a bunch of stuff she needs to get out of her house. I got 2 of these large tanks, 4 small ExoTerra tanks, 2 waterfalls, 6 branches, one fogger, some crested gecko diet, a light unit with uvb bulbs, two fake backgrounds, a couple rock bowls and hides and about 4 plants for........$200!!! She even threw in some really badass led colored lights with remotes. I can do every color under the sun but use the blues and purples for mygeckos night lights. Here are some pics of new crib. I'm not completely satisfied with it but am going to wait a little while to disturb him again. Ill post some pictures I took on my of him hunting crickets and his night light later.