FOR SALE Cleveland reptile show Oct 26th

michael novy

Cleveland Ohio
Still on world tour it seems. Going to be at the Cleveland reptile show this Sunday Oct. 26th

Cb treefrogs

Redeyes – adults $45 ea
Albino redeyes – adults $70 ea
Black redeyes – adults $150 ea
Amazon milks – subadult highwhite reduce pattern $100 ea
Hylomantis Lemur – juvenile $60 ea // show price 5 for $250
Hyla marmorata (aka: bird **** frog) – froglets $30 ea 4 for $100
Cruziohyla Calcarifer – juvenile $200 ea // show price 4 for $750
Nyctixalus Pictus (aka: Cinnamon Frog) – juvenile $50 ea
P. Tomopterna – juvenile $40 ea
Australian blue whites treefrog - $25 each 5 for $100


D. Tinctorius Citronella - $30 ea
D. Tinctorius Yellowback - $30 ea
D. Leucomelas - $30 ea
D. Leucomelas Chocolate morph - $65 ea
D. Galactonotus - $40 ea
P. Vittatus - $20 ea


Universal Rock perfect for incorporating waterfalls and planters inside the vivs.
Universal Wood – no more baking wood or cork bark to sterilize it.
Live Sheet Moss
Silicone (black & clear)
Water pumps
Fruit Fly media (2 sizes avail)
Cricket Gut Load (3 sizes avail) Ladies tank tops are free with purchases of $200 or more!!!

I will not have much chance to get on the internet so feel free to give me a shout via phone at 216-965-2856.

You can also visit us on facebook at or
We'll see you there.
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