DIY exo terra tank idea?


Finds me a dragon!
Indiana, USA
so....i dont really have the money to spend for an exo terra tank or something like it. (becuase i can buy two or three tanks compared to only one exo terra)

so i was thinking....and wondering if someone might have done the same....

i have my crested and gargoyle tanks standing up on the sides to make them taller. i could glue or silicone a piece of plexiglass or something like it, on the bottom so i could have that "bottom" of the tank for dirt and substrate.

has anyone done something like this?
do you think it would work?

i would continue using screen covers with the screen clips to keep the critters in of course :D

Tony C

Wayward Frogger
Columbia, SC
Aquarium based vertical conversions are very popular in the dart frog community, most are built with the Junglebox kit or a DIY version in the same style.

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