Do you bathe your leos? Any pointers?


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Hi all, new poster here looking for a bit of input. I've been keeping leos for about two years and have a grand total of five, of various sizes, shapes, and ages. A recent adoption had some shed skin stuck to her toes, which I couldn't get off myself with soaking and rubbing (she did not want to cooperate). In desperation, I made her an appointment with an experienced exotic vet that we're lucky enough to have in the area, and they got the skin off.

At the vet's office, they told me that to keep my leos' skin soft and sheddable, I should be soaking them at least once a week. I'm fully prepared to follow doctors' orders, but since I've never come across this advice before, I'm curious. Does the community have any opinions on this practice? Do you give your leos weekly baths? Anything I should make sure to do, or not do?

Thanks so much!



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I have never seen this before! On the other hand, bearded dragon keepers are told to bathe their (desert habitat) dragons weekly, which I do. I find that as long as the leo isn't really stressed they generally shed reasonably well, though they often leave shed on their toes or heads. I have an awful lot of leos but I check them on feeding day. I have a spray bottle and when someone hasn't shed the toes well, I gently spray their feet and then use my fingernails to peel off the shed. I hold them against me and put a fold of my shirt over their heads so they think they're hiding and generally they tolerate it quite well.