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Good day, fellow gecko lovers.

I've done just about everything shy of going to India to try and figure out why my leopard gecko (Tico) has suddenly stopped eating.

He's a bit over eight inches from head to tail. He's been in my care since he was two. He's now five and very healthy looking...but he won't eat!

He hasn't eaten anything for almost two weeks. But he seems spry and full of life. I handle him daily. (his diet has always been small crickets lightly dusted with calcium powder) He likes large mealworms, too.

Any advice would certainly be appreciated by me and Tico.

Is he possibly lonely? I've always read that geckos prefer to be solitary.

Is this true?

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Also if you could take a sec to fill out the care questionaire (its a sticky in the health section you can just copy/paste it) it would help the membership see if there are any problems with your husbandry that could be impacting his appetite... Love the name... Tico... I picture a fun loving fella covered with lots of spots :D There are several reasons a leo will slow down/stop eating ranging from parasites to impaction to bored with food (not enough variety in his diet)to certain age milestones or even temperature so the more info we have the better ;)

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