Eggs Help!!! (Are they ok?)


So i wasn't really expecting a lay since my gecko had been gravid for like a month, but today the laybox was filled with sand (On top of the usual Perlite). I didn't find anything under the sand but when i picked up the moss in the back the two eggs dropped down about 5 inches. they did not roll over because they were stuck to each other (i separated them after) but i'm concerned since they fell from a minor height. To my knowledge they were just laid about 30 minutes to three hours before i found them, so are they fine from falling that little of a height?
I put them in my incubator filled with Perlite. The temperature fluctuation is 78-82 degrees, is this ok since im sexing for a female? And with these temperatures, about how long will incubation take? Also, what is a good percentage of humidity to stick to?

Here is a pic of the eggs, do they look fertile/ok?
IMG_5448.jpg IMG_5450.jpg

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