Fat tail odd poop?


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Hi all!

I have a year old fat tail female who is in good health, though I am somewhat concerned at the moment. She is a good weight, has a good sized tail, though she hasn't eaten in about two weeks, give or take. She is hanging out on her cool side mainly, though she goes back and forth.
She is in a twenty gallon with coco fiber substrate (I promise she doesn't eat it, I check her regularly) for burrowing, which she loves to do.
I am posting because she hasn't been eating, has been staying hidden and buried on the cooler side mainly. She eats primarily crickets since she is stubborn and doesn't like dubias (of which I have a colony). Just today she had a bowel movement that was GIGANTIC. It had normal urates, but when I looked closely at the actual feces it looked like it had a ton of spring tails on it. She doesn't have spring tails in her enclosure, however, and when I took it out they weren't spring tails, just a ton of white specks. They weren't worms, and they weren't moving, but they were all throughout.
I was just wondering if anyone has had any experience with something like this. I (stupidly) didn't get a picture of the feces. :( also, if anyone has any thoughts about get behavior that would be appreciated as well. :)

Thanks all for your time!
Also, I tried to post in the AFT gecko thread, but I didn't have permission for some reason.
Thanks again, guys!

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I'll move the thread for you. I have no idea and would need a picture to know anything more, so take one if she does it again. What you may be seeing is cricket eggs that they laid after she pooped. If you have a soil type substrate, you also may have springtails and just not know it.


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