First time Crested Gecko Owner need help.


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I just recently got for my son a crested gecko and need some help with its setup.
we are using the exo terra 12x12x18 tank we have several fake plants some vines around the habitat, one small rock and two dishes one for water and one for food. Im confused with the lighting and heat situation. Im currently using a 5 1/2 dome (clip lamp non-reflecting) mounted about 6-8 inches above the tank with a zoo med moonlight 25 watt bulb. i am not using any light type bulbs just the moonlight 24/7. we leave the light on in my sons room to provide some light to the habitat. My temps get max 83 ish at top of tank and in the bottom around 78ish. humidity is kept between 50-70. at night the temps drop to mid low 70's, also at night we do a heavy mist of water in habitat and during the day if needed i do one light mist. Every night we change the food hes eating which is the repashy food. For subtrate we are using the zoo med eco earth. I do have an extra exo terra compact top fixture heres the link to it ( Exo Terra : Compact Top / Compact Fluorescent Terrarium Canopy.) I am not currently using it and was wondering if i should use it and if i should do i use a uvb bulb or just put a 18 watt cfl bulb 4300k or something different and let it run on for 12 hours a day and remove the zoo med moonlight 25 watt dome and bulb. The exo terra compact top fixture max watt rating is 25 watts. So i really dont have to many options with it. I can return it to the store for a refund. So pretty much guys i need your help with this matter. i am a newbie
with this. if you guys see anything wrong and have a suggestions please let me know. the last thing i want to do is cause harm to him.


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Welcome to GF and to geckos! Crested geckos are nocturnal, so technically, as long as there's ambient light in the room they're in, they don't really need lights at all. I do have lights for my cresties because I have real plants, and the light is for the plants. (By contrast, I don't use lights at all for my leopard geckos which are nocturnal as well). Consequently, I would say, pick a light that you like and use it. I don't find any need for night time lights. My geckos are used to the fact that when I'm in my living room (where most of them live), the room lights will be on at night and they're fine with that. As long as the temperatures in your home don't get below the low 60's, the crested gecko should be fine without additional heat.



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I'd agree with Aliza. 78-83 is far too hot for a crested. They prefer temps between 68-75 - I don't like my temps to get over 78 or under 63 ever. Also, the tank should totally dry out for at least a few hours a day. Keeping the humidity high, especially with an absorbent substrate like eco earth (which I do not recommend) could lead to shedding and respiratory issues. I spray my cresteds once every 24-48 hours and they do just fine. Lastly, I would change his food every 2-3 days as some geckos prefer it when it gets a bit "ripe" and won't eat it unless they are very hungry before then. Everyday is probably a waste of good food (especially if you decrease the temperature and humidity of the tank a bit).


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Sorry this Sammy again I pushed the wrong button on the keyboard. Anyway my daughter got a gecko she got everything prepared before really proud of her. Bear with me it takes me a long time to talk so I hope you come back when I finish my question

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