Gassy Gecko!


New Member
This week, I learned that leopard geckos can, and DO, have gas. There I was, sitting beside Miss Hali's tank, just chatting with her. She started to wander over into the corner where I have recently placed a dish with some wet moss to help keep her humidity up, which also happens to be right by her favorite place to poop. She has, once or twice, pooped in the dish with the wet moss. Eww. I smiled gently at her and asked her to please not poop in that dish anymore, since it makes cleanup kinda gross. I swear to you, that little brat looked me straight in the eye with that sweet gecko grin...and then she broke loose! There was an odd sound, kind of like a zipper. I looked at her for a moment, confused about what I had just heard, and then it hit me. She farted! Then, with that same sweet, and now somewhat proud and smug grin, she pooped in the dish with the wet moss. I have no doubt now that she knew exactly what I said to her, and that she knew exactly what she was doing. Complete brat! Her full name is Halimah Fahada Golightly. I told her that I'm going to change it to Halimah Faharta Golightly. Or maybe Farticus. Or maybe I'll just start calling her BioBomb. She's only about four months old, so I'm assuming that this is some sort of adolescent angsty behavior. Next, she'll be saying that she wants to have her pattern changed to something cooler, or maybe she'll want to start painting her claws. She's so lucky that she's cute. Now, if I could just get her to keep her tank clean...

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