Geckos not eating crickets


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I own 4 crested geckos. Out of those 4, 1 will eat crickets when offered, the others refuse crickets completely. Is there a way to entice the geckos into trying to eat crickets? Oddly enough, one of my crested geckos who refuses crickets originally ate crickets, now it refuses them too. The crickets are appropriately sized for the geckos. My method of feeding them crickets is to dust the crickets then move them to a feeding enclosure, all the geckos do is try to escape instead of eat.


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Somerville, MA
Sometimes when you take a gecko out of its usual environment it's too stressed to try to eat and just wants to escape. If you can handle these geckos, you could try holding one and gently poking the cricket at its mouth (this usually works better with juveniles since they tend to bite at anything near their mouths). If it will bite the cricket, it may decide it likes the taste. Some just won't eat crickets. I have had a leachie for 9 years ever since it was a juvenile and she has never eaten crickets.