Help! Gargoyle gecko on floor of terrarium..?


Hi! I recently got a Gargoyle gecko, I’ve had him for about a week and he has acclimated very well to his tank, always coming out to explore at night and sleeping on the same spot of cork bark during the day. I started handling with him about four days ago, and he is already as docile as an adult! He has a good amount of activity when handling, jumping once in awhile and climbing to the next hand when it is in front of him. However, starting yesterday he slept on the bottom of his tank, on the leaf litter. He slept there all day, and when I removed the cork bark to handle him last night, he crawled into the leaves and hid. I took that as a sign that he did not want to be handled, and held off for that night. Today, he is sleeping in the same spot on the bottom of the cage, behind the cork bark on top of the leaf litter. Last night he did come out when the lights went out and crawled around and explored, but it’s just not normal for him to be sleeping on the bottom so I was just wondering if there could be a reason for this…? He is in a 5 gallon Exo terra nano tall and he is about 3 months old, with the bumps starting to form on his head that gargoyles are infamous for. His tank, because it is so small, is usually at about 70 percent humidity, with it getting into the nineties and sometimes into the 60s when it is sprayed and when it dries out. Any recommendations? I do not provide UVB but do provide ambient light during the day, since it is a temporary setup. I have one large piece of cork bark in his enclosure and a hanging plant, they both provide good cover. I use oak leaf litter and a bit of peat moss on the bottom of the tank for substrate. I have found a poop once, on the cork bark, and haven’t thoroughly searched for another but I started handling after the first, taking it as a sign that he was eating. Is he possibly in shed…? His colors appear to be normal for him, very brightly colored and usually fired up. I will bring pictures C4D32D88-FD05-4F3E-9512-6ED202D07313.jpeg . B4A0ED58-8067-4958-958F-74E6CF2FFBFB.jpeg 7A90919C-DEC5-40C7-AC6E-9063721DC84A.jpeg 25AA51C2-8C66-487C-9CA9-1609DAB4CBEC.jpeg DEA3306E-8124-4C29-BD28-4E6257F8391E.jpeg 61B62048-026A-4ADB-B6D6-52671E8BE853.jpeg 615D34B8-403B-4E02-92BD-BD823381ED53.jpeg A8FC024E-14F0-4C75-A925-046BD04D714C.jpeg


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Cute gecko! Sometimes when they're getting ready to shed they don't stick on the sides of the enclosure so well. If you feel you can pick it up, try putting it on the cork bark to see if it can hold on and then see if it can stick to the glass. Sometimes the gargoyle just gets a taste for the ground! They're known as semi-arboreal and I think in the wild they tend to hang out in bushes as opposed to up in the trees.


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