I want to have a reptile shop / small business, where do I start? :)


Loves Reptiles!
North Carolina
Seeking some questions and opinion from professionals. I admire and idolize the owners of http://www.geckosetc.com/ http://www.leopardgecko.com/ and http://www.hisss.net/. I want to learn all I can about the reptiles I want to sell in the future, how did YOU start? Did you read up everything you could on your own? Did you start at home? If this is all too personal, could you give me some tips and pointers? Like where should I start? Or what should I go for in college so I can have a reptile shop and breed reptiles, etc? I used to want to be in the Air Force, but... reptiles have just captured me! I've always had them, but I really want them to be in my life ALL the time, so I want to be the owner of a Reptile Shop.