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South Africa
Good day everyone.

I hope someone would be able to give me some sounds advice.

Last season i incubated with perlite and vermiculite but had numerous babies die just after hatching due to them getting either vermiculite or perlite in their mouths.

What can i do to prevent this as i have tried the gecko egg trays but my eggs then dried out to much even with more water in the bottom.

This caused the eggs to be harder than normal and causing the babies to die inside the egg.

I hope i didn't leave any info out and would greatly appreciate any help as mu first 20 eggs have gone into the incubator 2 days ago.

Attached is my current incubation setup.

Thanks in advance

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I'm incubating in vermiculite. I use a scale to measure a 1:1 ratio of dry vermiculite to water and use sandwich tupperware containers with absolutely no holes. So for example, I take 20g dry vermiculite, put the container on the scale and use a spray bottle to add 20g of water and snap the lid on. Then I let it sit overnight and pop my eggs in when they're laid. I leave the container on top of the adult enclosures and in about 100 days I have babies! I'm incubating cresteds and cave geckos in this way and I haven't had any issue with them eating the vermiculite or the eggs going bad. I also make sure the container is clear so I don't have to open it regularly to check for babies. I open mine about once every week to ten days to let a bit of air in and leave them alone as much as possible. Best of luck with yours!