Lizard Circus Ringmaster!
Well, my little gecko Ishtar let go the ghost last Sunday morning.

She was my little rescue baby. I adopted her in 2010 after her owner neglected her for months with too cold temperatures and little to no food. When I got her, I had to syringe feed her, but with care, I got her up to snuff in a short while and was blessed with an little explorer who loved hunting big crickets, exploring her tank and watching everything around her.

In April, my little gal mysteriously bit her foot and part of her tail She took off a lot of skin and the open wound got infected, since she did it while I was at work. After weeks of antibiotics, bandage changes, and a surgery which removed part of her foot, it looked like she was going to make it, if not a little beat up.

She did have some trouble walking shortly after the surgery and the antibiotics did a number on her digestive system. I was just starting to get her walking, eating solids, and back up to weight again when she died. I think there was more wrong with her than we could have known. Something happened and whatever it was, it took her from me. Maybe she was just tired. I don't know.

It's sad though. I lost my littlest. I'll miss that girl dearly.

You had had a rough life and you were one of the bravest little geckos I ever had the pleasure of knowing. Rest well now- you deserve it.