Leo not eating


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Hey, so I have 3 leopard geckos and my newest one is a young diablo blanco and I got it about 2 weeks ago and I don't think it is eating. I have it in a 40 gallon tank with my second one that is a blizzard and looks to be the same age. The blizzard acts normal and eats fine, but the diablo doesn't even try to eat. I even put it in a bucket with live crickets and it just stared up like it didn't want anything... any ideas y?


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Ideally when you get a new gecko it should be by itself in quarantine for at least a month. I do recommend that you house this gecko by itself for awhile and see if it will eat without the presence of other geckos.


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I agree 1000% you should NEVER put a new member of your pets in direct contact with established members who have already been accustomed in their enclosure and usually takes a new Leo to settle in and feel comfortable for 2-3 days before they start eating, so invest in a 20g. Enclosure for the newest member and let him/her get used to being in a new environment and then if you really want to house 3 together make sure they each have their own moist hide dry hide and proper heat and cooler areas so they have their own selection that they feel comfortable in. Best of luck with your new baby

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