Leopard Gecko Cartoon-Style Art


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Want to give your gecko a little more personality? Getting a caricature done of it could do just that! I'm
offering fun, chubby cartoon-style drawings for gecko lovers who want to memorialize their favorite pets in expressive ways. These are digital drawings and can be easily linked to you, no shipping hassles required!
I have four 'templates' already made up to work from. These can be colored any way you like, or made to match your animal! (Just give me a reference) Just message me and tell me which pose you'd like and how to color it!

I'm also offering to do customs. A unique, personalized pose just for you and your little guy or gal. A good description of the pose, or a photo reference, will be needed, as well as information on how to color.

Colored Templates are
Customs are $10
I accept payments only through Paypal.

Templates below as well as an example colored image above.

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