Leopard Gecko with Bumblebee Millepede

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I just would like to know if it's safe to keep millipedes, specifically Bumblebee Millipedes because I find them to be pretty, in a Leopard Gecko Vivarium? If not, is any millepede safe? I've researched this extensively and can't seem to get a I straight answer. I do know that millipedes secrete some kind of noxious liquid from their bodies when upset. It's not dangerous just disgusting to digest. I would like to add millipedes as part of my clean up crew because my isopods don't clean up anything; they just hide.

The best clean up crew I have are the Darkling Beetles just to note. They really go at the poop like no other. I've never seen isopods do that, so how much of a clean up crew they are is debateable. I'm sure they do other things but in my vivarium, they don't do that. Well, anyway if anyone does have experience with keeping a Leopard Gecko with millipedes can you please let me know. I really want to get one for my clean up crew if just to try it out. I like trying new things out just like I found out the isopods will not work in my case. But maybe the millipedes will.
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